John Lennon -Mind games.

I never thought that it would come to this,
I never thought that you would ever try to tear my world apart,
Turn it upside down.
Was it something that I said to you?
Was there something that I could have done to make it all work out,
Turn everything around.
And then I knew it was finally over,
When you tried to take control of my life.
Now all I know, is that...

I - don't wanna play your mind games.

I - don't wanna drive you insane.
I - don't wanna play your mind games.
I - don't wanna know you anymore.

You always tried to tell me what to do,
You never thought that I would ever stand up to your selfish games,
While you just stood there calling names.
And now my hands are tied behind my back,
And there is nothing I can do to try to get you back again,
Get you on my side

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by nanyotoshikaihatu